The Armadale District Bowling Club offers serveral different types of membership :-










(must be a current member of another Bowling Club



(must be under the age of 18 years or 19 years for Junior)


Fees are calculated on the time of the financial year that you join (quarterly adjustment). 

Download Application form HERE (PDF)

Full Member

Persons of or above the age of eighteen (18) years entitled to exercise the full privileges of the Club, excepting that where a member becomes an employee of the Club he shall not hold any office.

Honorary Life Member

Persons recommended by the Executive Committee to a General Meeting of the Club and elected at such meeting to be a Honorary Life member for long and conspicuous service to the Club, and shall enjoy all privileges of a full member. Honorary Life members shall not exceed fifteen (15) living members at one time and not more than two (2) shall be elected in one year.

Social Member

Persons of or above the age of eighteen (18) years who may enjoy the privileges of the Club but shall not be eligible;

(i)        to stand for any office in the Club or vote in any ballot or at a General Meeting of the Club;

(ii)        to propose or second any application for membership of the Club;

(iii)       to use the greens except at the specific invitation of a Club     Committee.

Junior Member

Persons of not less than twelve (12) years of age and under eighteen (18) years, who may enjoy all the privileges of the Club but shall not be eligible:

(i)           to stand for any office in the Club or vote in any ballot or at any General Meeting of the Club;

(ii)        to propose or second any application for membership of the Club;

(iii)       to invite guests into the Club.

Provisional Member

Persons who are currently capitated Members of another Bowling Club affiliated with Bowls WA. or WALBA or with a similar Association in any other Australian state, shall be entitled to all the privileges of the Club but shall NOT be eligible to:

 (i)        stand for any office in the Club or to vote in any ballot or at any General Meeting of the Club;

(ii)        propose or second any application for membership of the Club;

(iii)      play in any pennant matches for the Club, represent the Club or play in Club Championships.


Honorary Member

Honorary membership may be granted without fees to the Club Patrons, The Mayor and Mayoress of the City of Armadale or persons deputising for them, and such dignitaries and sponsors of the Club as the Executive Committee shall determine from time to time.

Temporary Member

A person who on any day is visiting the Club:-

(i)a member or official of, or a person assisting a team that is to contest a pre-arranged event in bowling or other competition that day; or

                                            (ii)        at the invitation of a member to engage in that sport on that day, may for the purposes of “The Act“ be taken as a person who is accorded Temporary Membership.


All fees and subscriptions shall be determined at the March meeting of the Committee.
All subscriptions shall be payable annually in advance: provided that all members shall be deemed financial until the 31st day of May in each year, for the purpose of Club elections.

Nominations and Subscriptions

New members shall pay a nomination fee as determined by the Committee in addition to the annual subscription relevant to the category of membership. Persons joining after the 31st day of
October in each year, shall pay one half of the Annual subscription in addition to the prescribed nomination fee. Persons joining after the 31st day of January in each year. shall pay one quarter of the annual subscription in addition to the prescribed nomination fee.

Provided that the committee may waive the nomination fee for the former member of the Club: where a person is transferring current membership from an affiliated Club in Australia or elsewhere the fee shall be fifty (50) percent.

Capitation and Levies

Capitation and levies as determined by Bowls W.A., WALBA or by a General or Special Meeting of members shall be additional to fees and subscriptions determined by the Committee.

Unfinancial Members

The Committee may by resolution remove from the register of members, the name of any member who fails to pay:

(a)     his annual subscription or the first moiety of his annual subscription, plus capitation fee before the 31st day of May or the second moiety before the 31st day of October.
(b)    any additional subscriptions, levies or fees imposed by the Club, Bowls W.A. or WALBA within one month of the due date of payment;
(c)    a new member shall pay his subscription within one month of election to membership.

Special Circumstances

On being satisfied that any member, through absence, illness, financial difficulties, unemployment. physical disability or other distressful circumstances, is unable to pay his full subscription, the Committee, on a recommendation of the Finance Committee, may relieve him of part of his liability but not so as to make his total liability less than ten per centum of his applicable subscription.


Members shall pay such levies as may be imposed from time to time by the Club. A General or Special meeting shall have power to make a levy on the members for any special project or need, and such levy shall not exceed one third of the Ordinary Membership subscription in any year.


The Club year shall commence on the 1st day of April in each year: Annual subscriptions payable in advance, are due on the 1st day of April in each year.
Provided that an extension of time may be granted by the Committee on written application by a member.


Applications for Full, Social, Provisional and Junior members shall be proposed and seconded by Full or Life members of the Club. All such applications shall be in writing in a form prescribed by the Committee. Applications shall be posted on the Club Notice Board by the Secretary for a period not less than seven (7) days before election provided also that an interval of not less than two weeks shall elapse between nomination and election.

The Committee shall have the right to refuse any application for membership at its discretion without prejudice or right of the applicant to require an explanation. Two negative votes shall exclude the applicant from admission. The Secretary shall keep a record of the names of members present and voting on that day.


A list of names and addresses of all members shall be maintained by the Secretary on the Club premises in accordance with “The Act”.


Resignations of members of the Club are deemed to be effective from the time they are received by and duly accepted by the Committee at a formal meeting of the committee. No member resigning from the Club or ceasing from any cause to be a member, shall be entitled or to have any claim upon any portion whatsoever of the property or funds of the Club. Provided that any debenture held shall be disbursed to him on the agreed date.


Full, Life, Provisional and Social members may introduce guests to the Club at any time provided:

(a)    that guests are invited in accordance with the conditions of “The Act”;

(b)    a guest shall not be supplied with liquor in the Club premises except on the invitation and in the company of a member;

(c)    a guest shall be supplied with liquor to be consumed only on Club premises;

(d)    the member introducing a guest shall be responsible for the proper conduct of his guest whilst on Club premises;

(e)    a member may, at his expense and with the approval of the Committee supply liquor to guests, without limitation as to number at a function held by or on behalf of that member, at the Club premises;

(f)    (f)    any person who has been refused membership of the Club or who shall be under suspension or expulsion from the Club or any affiliated     Bowling Club shall not be admitted as a guest of any member of the Club. Provided that a person refused membership of the Club, but who is a member of another Club competing in a competition at the Armadale District Bowling Club shall be accorded the same privileges as other visiting competitors.

(g)    the maximum number of guests per member per day for the purposed of section 48(4)(b) of the Act is three (3).